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End the Mummy Wars with Acceptance

October 24, 2015 1 Comment

'I have been a Mum for almost 8 years. In this time, I have been involved in Pre-Natal Groups, Breastfeeding Workshops, Mothers' Groups, Playgroups, Kids Sporting Activities, Swimming, Dance, Kindy, School... and so on. As such, I have come across a vast variety of mothers, fathers, grandparents. All with different parenting styles - sometimes polar opposites to my own, sometimes with many similarities, but no doubt many differences also and never the same background and journey. What I've come to notice in my time as a Mum is that as the journey progresses, you start to realise that we all make our parenting decisions for our own reasons and are all so very unique. We can all learn off one another, support one another and embrace the insight into the many different scenarios to our own. We may not always discuss the 'why', but only see the 'what' or 'how'. I try to always focus on this fact whenever I see differences in parenting to my own and keep an open mind and show acceptance for all. It is important to always remember that we all have our own (what I call...)'story'. We all have our own personal reasons for our actions and behaviour, views and morals.

We all have ebbs and flows of life situations. We all have strengths and weaknesses or areas to learn and experience more in. We all have daily achievements and daily struggles . You just don't always know what others are dealing with at that particular time, day, month, year. It is just how you perceive those times and how they can affect your reactions in various other aspects of your life. On different days and in different situations we may respond to things differently too.'

'Be kind to each other...... and be kind to yourself!
You can only do your best (however that may be for you) just like every other parent and there is no need to judge that... what one person's 'best' scenario is, could be very different to what another person's version of what they view their 'best' scenario would be. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for All. Let's all accept that and support one another. Rather than trying to put 'tags' on the way others do things, let's just enjoy providing what we can for our families and making the most of every precious moment with them.

Enjoy life balance & inner peace rather than wasting time, energy and emotion judging others.

View this wonderful video below and feel free to add your comments and Share with other Mums
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October 24, 2015

LOVE this short video and love your views on this issue.
We are all just doing our best and only we know what is best for our own kids and us!
I am so sick of always feeling judged or compared to.

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