How to use a Ring Sling - Demonstration Video Australia

October 05, 2018

How to use a Ring Sling - Demonstration Video Australia


I often have parents looking for a quick babywearing option for newborns up to toddlers that isn't too complicated.. and feel Woven Wraps and Ring Slings are too complicated but this isn't necessarily so.

Unfortunately the Ring Sling has received a bit of a bad rap from time to time, due to the media showing old models of Slings or Ring Slings that are not demonstrating safe upright positioning of baby with airways clear, nor have been adjusted to fit correctly, comfortably and safely for both the baby and the wearer.
>>>But... this style of babywearing has so many great benefits when used safely (see video attached). Unlike structured panel carriers with a set sizing range, the ring sling -with a gathered shoulder (that is, one which allows the ring and the wrap to freely move and be adjusted)- can be perfectly fitted to your baby and you while still allowing a nice naturally curved spine with hips tilted forward and knees at belly button height. Legs are supported all the way out to the knee. Calves and feet are hanging free without being forced into position and without any pressure on them.

Ring slings come in a range of available options using soft woven wrap material, linen or various other fabric options to suit your preference. With a little practise, it can actually become quite quick to put on and take off and easy to use in just a few uncomplicated steps. It can be a very convenient alternative for short periods of wearing and perfect addition to your wraps or buckle carrier collection. It is so quick and easy to access baby and take them out as soon as required and you don't need to worry about any straps and buckles around your stomach after giving birth or having surgery. In addition - the one-sided weight distribution can be easily alleviated by using a simple 'Flip' technique and sling/ring positioning shown in my demo video below.

Remember: Always ensure you check baby often.
Ensure you check they are S A F E :
S ecure - securely attached to the caregiver's torso and not experiencing excess bouncing or jostling with movement

A irways - Baby's head is in neutral position, mouth and nose are unobstructed and chin is completely clear of chest.

F irm - Baby is held firmly in a correctly adjusted carrier. Carrier should fit to hold the baby firm against the caregiver's torso with no gaps between them or carrier and baby.

E yeline - You can see your baby easily and you have it in view. Check now, check often!

Every safe carrier is a great carrier. A carrier is safe as long as the baby is secure and the airways are free. Carriers that support baby in optimal position are best.
(Babywearing School Australia)

If you live local or visit the Sunshine Coast region in Qld, you can book in to come visit me and I can help you in practising this technique. Feel free to email to arrange a time For those further away from our Showroom, you can visit our website to view our great range of Ring Slings - Lillebaby, Little Frog, Hugabub and Je Porte Mon Bebe.

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