Our Top 10 Baby Gifts in 2018

January 05, 2019

Our Top 10 Baby Gifts in 2018

It was clear our customers had favourite baby products in 2018. After doing our research, here's which gifts for baby made the top list!

1. Tula Baby Carrier - Free to Grow Carrier

tula free to grow

We love this carrier for its versatility. The Tula Baby Carrier has grown a name for itself for being comfortable and ergonomic for both the baby and the babywearer. It is highly adjustable and quick and easy to put on and off with the buckles. We love that this carrier can be worn both on the front and back. Unlike many other carriers for babies on the market - the Free To Grow is super clever with its adjustable width on the bottom as well as the top panel cinching down to adjust for your perfect height to make sure bub has his or her face totally clear of fabric and their legs are not being over stretched! We also love the extra padding on shoulders and waistband. LOVE! This is a must have for babies through to around 2 year olds before moving onto a Tula Toddler Carrier. Great investment too for fun family outings and those essential ones where baby needs to stay safe, can stay close to your heart and have cuddles any time of day while you are out and about or at home as often as you like. Also makes travelling so much easier having bub with you out of harm's way! Our babies settled really well in their Tula Carriers.

2. Designer Bums Nappies - Reusable
designer bums nappies

Once again, Designer Bums Nappies have been swooped up by our customers near and far as soon as they launched with new season prints! We are working hard to keep up with demand of these babies available in the coolest prints for your baby's butts! A cult favourite with fast growing following. These nappies will help you save the Earth as well as lots of money too! Whether you are using part-time or full-time, these are a must in any eco conscious parent's collection for baby and can be re-used again and again with subsequent babies too. The more they are washed, the more absorbent they become. PLUS, modern cloth nappies these days are not tricky and time consuming like they used to be. They are neatly fitted with little snaps to adjust until they are just right for bub and prevent leakage. They are made with highly absorbent bamboo cotton inserts with PUL leakproof outer shell. OH! And did we mention the cute and colourful designs..... they are exclusively designed by local Artists!


3. Hugabub Ring Sling Carrier

Hugabub have been a well known name in the Babywearing Industry for quite some time now ... and they are still right up there in the needs and wants of parents Australia wide. They offer stretchy wraps and Ring Slings. Our favourite is the mesh ring sling carriers available in a range of colours, lightweight and breezy, fully adjustable even to small babies using the gathered ring. Ring Slings are fantastic for 'Quick Ups' and fitting to children small and large. They are intended to be worn with baby in upright position (not laying down and not slouched over like with some other products) with their airways totally free of fabric and wrap material firmly adjusted around their body providing a naturally comfortable and slightly curved spine. Fabric can be spread nicely over the wearer's shoulder for extra comfort and a special 'flip' technique can be used at the back to ensure even distribution of weight and longer periods of comfort. Just contact us and ask us how! Or check out our free video channel right here:

4. Sinchies Squeezable Food Pouches


Change up your Kitchen routine just like you have your Grocery Shopping routine with reusable bags for your food and baby's food too! Sinchies has a nifty collection of reusable, eco friendly squeezie food pouches, lunch and snack bags and accessories that are perfect for baby purees, healthy smoothies, yoghurt, mash and more. Great to use for older school children also! Available in a range of sizes and even with cute designs printed on as well.

5. Bedhead Hats

bedhead hats

Bedhead Hats has continued to grow in 2018 with loads of new prints highly sought after. We particular love that these hats don't come off easily like other hats. They also come in a range of different fabrics for swimming or for cool comfort. They are very well made, pool friendly and chlorine safe. We also love that they not only come in very small baby sizes for newborns, but also toddlers and even right up to school aged children and adults! For bigger girls - there is the ponytail hat hole in some designs which is cool! Other styles include the legionaires hat for added neck sun safety, bucket hat, broad brim and baby bucket.

6. Attipas Baby Shoes


Our faves are the miniature 'sneaker' style Attipas Shoes for baby! There are also ones with little ruffles, ballet shoes, marine style, more distinguished monochrome colours, bright funky colours and more!
These baby shoes are easy to pop straight into the washing machine on gentle wash just like socks! Babies and Children prefer wearing these over bulky big shoes. They look awesome with great colours and designs to suit every little one. We currently have a great sale on Attipas at the moment so check it out over at:
Limited styles while stocks last!

7. Jack n Jill Natural Toothpaste

jack n jill

Looking for a natural toothpaste for your babies that won't have harmful chemicals in it for when your child swallows a little? Jack N Jill is the one! The hardest part is choosing the favourite flavour! My kids can't decide between Blueberry, Strawberry and Raspberry. There are other flavours too. Jack N Jill also have expanded into other products now including rinse cups, baby toothbrushes, baby finger brushes, tooth keepers(for when those toothy pegs fall out), natural teething gel, natural moisturisers and gift packs too! Great choice for babies and big kids.

8. Natures Child Bottom Balm

natures child bottom balm

Often when local customers come into our store, they spot this jar of 'Bottom Balm' or 'Wonder Balm' and say how much they love it and how great it works and quickly add it to their order to replenish the one they have been using at home. They never want to be left without it for those sore red itchy bottoms and any other skin area that needs a little extra attention and healing. For when you only want to use certified organic naturally derived ingredients on your little ones bottom with no harsh chemicals like so many others on the market! We love the Nature's Child range and so do our customers!

9. Baby Shusher

baby shusher

baby shusher

New Parents tell us how much this nifty little device has helped them settle their babies at home and on the go! So each to take with you or place next to baby's cot or pram. With soothing 'shhhh' white noise sound so it saves your voice and sanity and soothes baby with a sound that they recognise from inside the womb! Engages baby's natural calming reflex. It also has two timer settings - 15 minutes and 30 minutes and includes a strap for parent to wear.

10. Zazu Musical Soft Toy with Heartbeat Sound

heartbeat toy
Another Sleep and Settling Tool parents loved in our Top 10 gifts for Baby is this Musical toy from Zazu. It's great with 6 calming melodies to choose from or gentle heartbeat sound. Customers often say they are searching for a soft toy that plays heartbeat sound for their babies and this is a popular choice with multi-function. As baby gets older, they can also play with this toy and continue to love it into toddlerhood and beyond.


So there's our Top 10 List of Great Baby Gifts in 2018!

We hope you liked it.

We can't wait to see what new innovative baby gifts and essentials come into Nest 2 Me in 2019!

Do you have some of the favourites that made the list? What would you like to see in our Baby Store Sunshine Coast in the New Year? We'd love to hear from you by commenting below or email us at

Stay tuned for our Top 10 List for Bigger Kids coming up on the Blog soon!

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