Woven Wrap Sizing

We are pleased to offer a variety of Woven Wraps at nest2me.com
Our latest addition to the range is Little Frog.
In this article, our Australian Distributor of Little Frog - Natalie discusses the basics of choosing what wrap size to suit you and the many different wrapping techniques that can be used with various wrap lengths.

Woven wraps come in various sizes based on their length. There are minimal differences between brands but generally woven wrap sizing is as follows:

Size 2: 2.7m

Size 3: 3.2m

Size 4: 3.6m

Size 5: 4.2m

Size 6: 4.6m

Size 7: 5.2m

Size 8: 5.6m

Size 9: 6.2m

The length you choose depends on the carry (way of wrapping) you select. Woven wraps are versatile and the ways you can wear them endless! 

If you are new to woven wraps, our recommendation is to master learning a front carry before proceeding to back carrying. An excellent first carry to learn is front wrap cross carry (FWCC). This keeps your baby tummy to tummy and close enough to kiss. It's an excellent carry for wearing a newborn and can be used right through to toddler and onwards. To FWCC you will need a long woven wrap (size 5, 6 or 7). Most people begin with a size 6, if you are petite a size 5 should work and if you are plus size or would prefer to tie off with some fancy finishes, then a size 7 would be our recommendation. As you become more proficient with wrapping, you will learn to tighten and remove the slack better and so you may find your base size change in time.

For back carrying, you can ruck in any size from a 2 onwards. Depending on your dress size a size 4 may allow you to ruck and tie off in front. A size 6 or 7 may allow you to ruck and tie off with a chestbelt, knotless or a variety of fancy finishes.

Hip carries are generally done best with a mid length woven wrap such as a size 3 or 4. Some excellent hip carries to try are Poppin's Hip Carry, Robin's Hip Carry, Hip Cross Carry and Traditional Sling Carry. 

Ring Sling Sizing

Ring Slings are generally around the 2m mark. Some brands such as Little Frog offer various lengths of ring sling: small 1.7, medium 2m and large 2.3m.  Most people will find that a 2m will be adequate in length and any extra length in the tail can be used along the top rail to offer a little extra head support for a newborn or sleeping baby, or rethreaded back through the rings a few times to offer some extra padding over the rings. 

There are a few different styles of ring sling shoulders. It is how the manufacturer has sewn the set of rings into the woven wrap. Some people who have had the opportunity to try both to compare have a clear idea of which they prefer. For others they base their decision on the ring sling they like the look of. It really comes down to personal preference.