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Your Guide to Using a Baby Ring Sling for the First Time

March 29, 2019

Your Guide to Using a Baby Ring Sling for the First Time

Building a strong bond with the little addition to your family is high on the priority list for most parents. From the moment they first enter our world, we try our best to find ways to interact and bond with our children, seek out how to create eternal relationships from the get-go.

However, trying to balance the many responsibilities parents have each and every day, while finding the time to spend with their little ones at the same time - suddenly becomes a whole lot more challenging. Unsurprisingly, it’s not always known how simple parenting accessories and designs can help bolster healthy relationship building. For example, baby slings can come in handy for this exact reason.

In essence, baby slings are a stylishly designed piece of fabric, weaved specifically for carrying babies, infants, and toddlers.

The best part is that there is an endless amount of varieties to choose from on the market these days – just like those offered on the Nest 2 Me website. The biggest hurdle to tackle is just finding the one that suits you best, and the kind of design you’d like to go for.  For some, rings slings are no doubt the most beneficial type to opt for; they are made of long strips of fabric that can be easily adjusted with rings to suit many sizes, offering a completely tailored experience. Parents can also choose padded varieties for extra support and a variety of fabric types. Best of all, they can be used for kids aged between newborn to toddler.

Are baby ring slings safe?


Apart from the fact that ring slings are a crowd-favourite in Australia, the approach of ‘babywearing’ has been practiced across cultures for many centuries now. This is mostly due to the many serious benefits on offer for both the baby and the parent. Babywearing can help improve bonding, promote a healthy breastfeeding relationship, and also allow parents to stay hands-free, so they can do other things at the same time. All this, while baby is feeling safe and secure close to your heart.

However, like all accessories, it’s critical to use slings carefully, as they can be dangerous when misused. If not utilised the right way, they can lead to serious injuries, so it is vital that you understand the correct way to wear your baby and safety recommendations by qualified babywearing consultants before you dive into it. Check out a few of our handy tips below to get started safely.

Pro tips for using a baby sling

  1. Create a deep seat

Create a position that is safe and comfortable for your bub at the same time. It is recommended that you carry your baby in an upright deep-seated squat position (with bottom slightly lower than the knees) and body facing chest to your chest, when using these accessories. Ensure baby is never slouching.  Keep chin off chest and never position in the ‘cradle position’ as this is an unsafe positioning for breathing.

  1. Make sure your carrier is secure and firm

It is also advisable that you tighten the fabric of the sling as per manufacturer instructions. Doing this will make sure your ring sling is secured in an optimal position and will avoid parts coming loose or sagging.

  1. Check that baby is in view at all times and airways are clear

Baby’s face should always be clear of fabric, as well as not smothered by the wearer’s clothing or body.

Check your baby often. Ensure they are in a comfortable position to be able to breathe comfortably.

  1. Keep baby close enough to kiss

When you tip your face forwards and down to your child, you should be easily able to kiss them on the top of their head. This way you know they are not too low, nor too high – ensuring comfort for everyone

  1. Supported back

Remember to use one hand to support behind your baby’s back whenever you lean over whilst wearing a ring sling. Also check the sling fabric is not too tight, that their back is stiff. There should be a nice natural slightly curved spine

  • Always consult a medical practitioner before using a sling with a baby that is premature

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