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Discretion by Gina is an exciting new Australian brand of maternity bra.  It incorporates a unique, patented design that essentially creates a relaxed, discreet and comfortable breastfeeding experience for mother and  baby. Discretion by Gina has produced a breastfeeding bra that is elegant yet extremely comfortable, affordable, and most importantly functional.  It took several years and many trials to create this unique patented design available to breastfeeding and pregnant Mums Australia wide.

As a mum, Gina knows how challenging even the small aspects of motherhood can be.  It is all too easy to  become filled with worry and anxiety as the pressure of raising a happy, healthy and well adjusted child can be overwhelming. She believes that the Discretion bra will help new mums to feel comfortable, confident and elegant. Most importantly, Discretion will create an enjoyable feeding experience so that you can focus on quality time, bonding with your baby in the most natural way.