Face Masks Reusable Kids and Adults

Face masks by Bedhead Hats are fashionable and comfortable cotton masks available in a range of designs and two different sizes to fit both children and adults. Made of woven cotton and jersey lining in go-with-everything colours and patterns, they’re soft and comfortable to wear, sitting snugly around the nose, under eyes, side of face and jawline. Each mask features a pocket on the inside to hold the interchangeable PM2.5 carbon filter in place over the nose and mouth for the best protection against pollutants.

Full disclosure: this product has not been tested by any government agency or healthcare official. It is a cloth face mask with a removeable filtration insert piece. If you are unable to sew a face mask yourself, this is a good alternative. 

The design
Fit and comfort is a priority at Bedhead. The outer layers of the masks are made from 93% Cotton/7% Elastane - while the filter pocket is a softer cotton jersey which is gentle on the delicate and sensitive skin on the face and lips. Shaping has been carefully created to mold cleanly around nose, eyes and jawline. Differing greatly to surgical masks, there is very little gaping at the side of face area. For greater comfort, stretch lingerie elastic secures the mask over ears and is tightened with an adjustable toggle at the back of neck. This adjustability allows for the wearer to easily tighten the mask to suit their head size and face shape.