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Beaba Infra-red Thermometer

  • Having the best high quality reliable thermometer at home is a must for any parent or caregiver. Keep a close monitor on your child at any time of the day or night so you know if it is time to seek a medical doctor. This infra-red thermometer is super fast in measuring and easy to use.
    BEABA is a trusted brand in baby and parenting products.

    You will love how compact this thermometer is and the added feature of green/red display!
    3 measurement methods, auricular, forehead & room temperature
  • The measurement is ultra fast in 1 second
  • Non-contact temperature measurement, suitable for sleeping child
  • Child or adult mode can be selected and thus the interpretation of the child's temperature is easier. In fact the definition of a fever varies between a child and an adult
  • The colour code (red / green) assists in the interpretation of the temperature and is reinforced by a warning beep when the child has a fever.
  • Back lit LCD screen for reading by day as by night
  • Measurement taken with a simple click, without skin contact so as not to wake baby, silent mode available.
  • Suitable for use from birth
  • lluminated display (day or night)
  • 20 memory spaces
  • Warning beep for fever (3 warning beeps)
  • Supplied with storage case

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