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Mumlife Stickers

ON TREND! The newest trend since the stick figure family... they are old news now! Get your hands on #mumlife stickers in a range of titles and colours!

Find Handy Decal Sticker Instructions HERE to assist with application of your sticker.
NOTE: If you have received your sticker/s - when applying our stickers, you FIRST need to turn the sticker print down onto a table without removing anything just yet, so you have the grid print facing up towards you and 'squeegee' with a credit card or ruler firmly across and up and down to ensure that the sticker is firmly attached on the correct side before removing backing. The stickers needs to remain attached to the 'masking tape side' when you remove the grid backing paper. You will then position the strip of masking tape (with the sticker on it) so you can see the sticker text will be in the position you desire. Once you are ready, press it down carefully and use a squeegee technique again onto the car window or similar, ensuring every letter and symbol is firmly stuck to the surface before slowly and carefully separating the masking tape off from the surface. This will leave the sticker behind and attached to the window and empty masking tape strip ready to be disposed of. You can then run the squeegee over the sticker again just to be sure. To assist in the adhesiveness, you can leave the car window out in direct sunlight for a while to heat.