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Babywearing Carrier Accessories

What are Babywearing or Baby Carrier Accessories? We give you the run down on the most popular babywearing or baby carrier accessories so you can work out what it is that you need or want to go with your baby carrier to make like easier. We offer all of these products for our customers. If there is something else you would love us to get in for you, please contact us with your suggestion.

What are reach straps? Reach straps are long straps of fabric (a pair of these) often with a small bow or fabric shape on the end, which is attachable to the hood of your baby or toddler carrier to make it easier to grab hold of the longer straps, then flip the hood over your child's head when they fall asleep in back carry. They make doing this task much easier as the hoods can be difficult to reach otherwise. Wearing the hood up over their head when sleeping can help protect their neck from falling backwards or going into an awkward position. It is also useful for sun protection and for younger babies in front carry to offer more neck and head support.

What are suck pads or drool pads? Suck pads are also named drool pads by some. Their main functions are to 1. Offer extra comfort to the baby by covering over the buckle and straps (they are often a little padded or lined 2. Provide a cover for where babies and toddlers like to chew, drool or rest (hence, protecting the actual carrier fabric panel) 3. Be easy to remove and put back on usually with snap buttons so they can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine regularly, instead of the whole carrier needing to be fully washed just due to the same area being dirty 4. Be an amusement for the children (e.g. come in lots of bright colours, with ribbon tags to play with, animal prints etc.) 5. Add a little extra flair and 'matching' or 'co-ordinating' fun to your own carrier style to make it unique to you. Suckpads can come with ribbon tags, curved, straight, straight with ruffles, many different patterns, reversible designs to mix it up.

Which is better? straight or curved suckpads? We offer both styles of suckpads. The ones that seem to offer the best 'coverage' and protection for the actual carrier so food, drool etc. doesn't get on the top panel are the curved and the straight with ruffles (that tend to fan out over the top of the panel). The straight ones without ruffles are good for cover the straps/buckles but do not cover the panel at all unless with ruffles. Depending on what the function is that you are buying them for, will help you decide on which kind. Curved and Straight with ruffles do usually cost a few dollars more, as more fabric and time is used to create them. When your baby is teething and drooling and chewing more often on things, you may find the curved and straight with ruffles is the better option.

What are hoodie hoods? Most soft structured buckle carriers come with a standard flat hood included. These are removable and often in the same plain colour as the waistband colour of the carrier. Many avid babywearers like to accessorise their baby carrier investments with a fun design to go with their carrier for example - character hoods or a hoodie hood - which is a more curved and ample sized hood in the shape of a 'hoodie' rather than the flat panel hood included. It really comes down to personal preference. These kinds of hoods are custom made by custom accessory makers. Many are also available on 'Etsy' or through facebook pages direct. We do not offer this product as there is so much variation in what customers want with these.

What is the Bombshell Band? The Bombshell Band is a clever designed padded band for extra comfort and a 'flattening' effect which attaches to the carrier waistband by simply feeding the waist strap through the loops of the band. The band then increases the 'surface area' around your waist and therefore is excellent for disguising and smoothing/supporting/flattening your tummy when you tighten your waist strap, preventing the dreaded appearance of the 'Muffin Top'.  It also is great for any wearer for added comfort.

What is a babywearing bag? Handy little flat bags to be worn over the shoulder when babywearing. They often come in co-ordinating fabrics or colours. They are designed to hold the essentials. Some carriers even have a little clip on the shoulder strap you can attach them to.

What is a babywearing mirror used for? When your toddler is being back carried, it's hard to see or know what exactly they are up to back there.. so the babywearing mirror is a product we make for customers that attaches to their carrier with a clip, has a retractable string with a small mirror on the end. You can pull it out at an angle to view your toddler, check on them, play 'Peek a Boo', keep them amused, check their sleeping position, that their airways are clear, they are in a comfortable position etc. A must have for back carries in our opinion!

What is a stuff sack or carrier bag? A handy drawstring bag that fits your carrier or wrap in when it is folded up, so it's easy to pack or store away, travel with, keep clean when out and about.

What are baby carrier stirrups? Some carrier brands offer separate attachments like the stirrups designed to clip onto the carrier and provide a resting spot for your toddler as their legs and bodies grow larger and longer.

What is an infant insert or newborn insert? Some carriers are not designed to be worn with newborn or small babies under approx. 8 months unless worn inside an infant or newborn insert. These provide extra head, neck and spine support as well as a height boost to ensure correct alignment of the spine and legs when being worn so the carriers fit well. Other carriers such as the Manduca and Lillebaby don't require an insert as they have adjustable bottom panels to make them into a narrow setting seat until they get older and have adjustable height of the back panel to ensure neck and upper back support when they are little.

What is a doll carrier? A doll carrier is a smaller version of the carriers that adults wear their babies in, only they are created for children to wear as a role play toy and are only for wearing their teddies, soft toys or dolls in. They are NOT designed for wearing babies in. They are a great gift idea for children expecting a new sibling or who love to model their play on real life situations such as parenting. They come in very cute matching designs to many adult carriers. View our range HERE

What is a lumbar support? Some carriers such as the LILLEBABY, come included with a padded lumbar support which the straps feed through and they offer added comfort for the lower back. If a replacement is required, we sell replacement lumbar supports.

What is a waist extension strap?

The waist extension strap is offered for the LILLEBABY carriers as an add on attachment to extend how wide the waistband can be adjusted to.

What is babywearing jewellery?

Babywearing jewellery has fast grown in popularity, surrounding Mums wanting to keep wearing lovely jewellery, but knowing that their babies and toddlers love to pull and break their good gold chains etc.. so babywearing jewellery is highly durable, easy to clean safe for babies to touch jewellery that still looks great. They also offer a great distraction for babies to hold or play with while Mum is wearing the necklace around her neck or bracelet around her wrist, great for during breastfeeding to keep baby still and settled and concentrating on feeding rather than distracted to sounds and people surrounding them.

What is a babywearing nappy wallet?

We offer the babywearing nappy wallet which straps feed through to attach to your carrier so you can easily carry nappies, wet wipes, money, keys and any other essentials while still being 'hands free' and out and about babywearing.