Babywearing Terms and Definitions

In this section we provide parents or parents to be who are new to babywearing, a useful guide to what popular 'babywearing' terms mean as many of this language is used frequently in babywearing groups online. With a little extra know how, you'll understand so much more in no time!

What is a SSC?

Soft structured Carrier - such as Tula, Lillebaby, Boba, Beco, Manduca and others

What does ISO mean?

In Search Of. Term used when searching for a particular design that may be hard to find in Australia.

What is MV? Market Value. Many baby carriers and wraps hold their market value very well and can be sold as pre-loved via online trading spaces such as facebook BST (buy, sell, trade) pages. The less of the design made and the more popular the design is, or valuable the fabric used, usually the higher the market value.

What does MMARO mean?

'Make me a reasonable offer' - used when listing an item for sale pre-loved

What does HTF mean?

Hard to find - either a discontinued design, not many were available in Australia, not many are being sold or not many were made

What does HSA mean?

Often the hard to find designs and popular, where they sell out quickly.

What is 'fluff mail'?

The term many parents online tend to use for the exciting parcels that arrive on their doorstep that have their much anticipated new purchases for their babies within. At Nest 2 Me we LOVE making that 'fluff mail' extra special for you to open!

What is 'sleepy dust'?
The term many parents are using for whether their carriers or wraps/slings contain 'sleepy dust' - as in... do their babies and toddlers fall asleep and settle easily in their new carriers (hence 'must have loads of sleepy dust in them'). It is just a fun expression and is not any physical 'dust'. Everyone hopes for lots of 'sleepy dust'.... as they want their children to love their new carrier enough to fall asleep easily in them.

What is an SSS or stash shot?

Stash Shot Saturday. In many online forums, parents love to share their 'stash shots' where they photograph all of their carriers to show off their lovely designs. Baby carriers, wraps and slings have fast become a collector's item for lots of parents where they love to choose designs and colours that reflect their style and are unique to them or hold unique meaning.

What is a legacy wrap or legacy carrier?

An extra special and meaningful wrap or carrier that the parent has chosen to be an heirloom item to pass down to their children as adults and continue to use through generations, as they were used for them. These they don't want to sell pre-loved as they hold too much sentimental value.

What does PFA stand for?

Perfect Fit Adjusters (on Tula Baby and Toddler Carriers) - used to adjust the carrier panel closer or further away from the body for the perfect fit.

What does FSOT, FSO, FTO stand for?
For Sale Or Trade, For Sale Only. For Trade Only.

What is T.I.C.K.S and what does it mean?
A method for checking your baby is being worn safely. See further details HERE

What is a W.C.?

Stands for 'Wrap Conversion' where often a luxury woven wrap is provided to a custom carrier designer to manufacture into a baby carrier with buckles and straps. These are therefore often much greater expense that basic canvas carriers due to the more luxurious and intricate woven fabric designs and extra time to create single item.

What is a semi?

Part of the carrier panel is a design fabric

What is a half?
Half of the carrier panel is a design fabric, the rest is basic plain canvas

What is a Full?

The carrier is made entirely of a woven wrap fabric (including the lining fabric)

What is a Std?


What does DISO mean?

Desperately In Search Of

What does DDISO mean?
Desperately Desperately In Search Of

What is a FB?

Full Buckle

What is a HB?

Half Buckle

What is a canvas?

Carrier made of canvas fabric (as opposed to woven wrap fabric)

What is a mesh?

Lighter mesh fabric carrier - great for the hotter seasons

What is PP?


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