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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver?

We deliver Australia Wide for all of our products and may also be able to send outside of Australia to most other countries, depending on the product type and permitted international brands and subject to additional postage costs to your region. Full details of our delivery within Australia can be found under ‘Delivery’ heading of our page.

Some of our products are sold under seller agreements to only sell within Australia, including  current TULA and LILLEBABY designs, except discontinued designs or exclusive designs we are permitted to sell to international customers with additional cost to cover extra shipping costs.

How will I know when my order is coming?

You will receive a ‘Fulfilment and Tracking’ email notification to the email address you provided at checkout. Please ensure you type this in very carefully so your email doesn’t go astray

How often do new release designs come out?
Each individual brand is different. Some come out almost weekly, monthly or as limited season releases. There are also some exclusive limited quantity designs that are only ‘once offs’ so if you love them and see them available, don’t delay as they usually sell out quickly and may be made with a discontinued fabric print.

Do you offer layby?  Yes! At Nest 2 Me we offer you the choice of setting up an easy 'Take Home' layby account with ZIPPAY or AFTERPAY. Please see individual program terms and conditions on our website as they do differ slightly to suit your individual needs.

Introducing the easy new system for Layby ‘ZIP PAY – Buy Now Pay Later’
With this innovative new system, you can simply add all the items you love to your order, go to checkout and select 'zipPay' as your payment option. You will then be prompted to head over to their link and complete an easy online application form (with approval within minutes). Your order will then come through to us. We will send it off on its way to you straight away, so you can start using what you need or love without the wait! You then have plenty of time to pay off your layby direct to zipPay with their payment options. If full balance is paid off within 60 day timeframe, you pay no fees and no interest ever!

At the end of every billing month, you can choose to pay off your balance in full, or simply make a payment that suits your budget (note: there is a minimum repayment of $30 per month required). A $5 monthly account service fee is added to your account for any month you have an outstanding balance after that initial 60 day period.

There is NO establishment fee to setup your account and NO INTEREST ever! If you have repaid your balance in full within 60 days you will never be charged any fees! Additionally, once you have repaid your balance down to $0, no fees will ever be charged to your account – it will simply remain open waiting for you to use again to make additional purchases.

Where are you located? Can I come pick up my order?

Our store is an online based store only. Unfortunately we cannot cater for pickup from our warehouse. However, you will receive your orders quickly as we send most products via Express Post and at a low cost to you. We do also offer a ‘Try before you buy’ program Australia wide and also attend various baby and kids markets and expos within the local Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas throughout the year for you to come and visit. Please see our Blog entry for upcoming market dates and links or contact us to find out more. These are a great way to come and meet us in person, check out loads of products, try on different carrier styles, pick up orders and ask any questions you may have. We also have a frequent online presence, ready to take your emails, facebook messages, contact forms via our email address, Facebook Page: , VIP Facebook Page:

Do you only sell baby carriers?

No, We sell PLENTY more natural parenting products that you will LOVE!
At Nest 2 Me we sell a huge range of baby and toddler carriers, woven wraps, ring slings, mei tais, stretchy wraps, nursery décor, baby blankets, keepsake jewellery, breastfeeding jewellery, baby gifts, mummy gifts, breastfeeding and pregnancy products, baby and toddler clothing, hats, natural health products for the family, music dvds and books, kids bags and nappy bags, gift vouchers, handmade greeting cards, baby shower gifts and hampers and more!

What age can I start using soft structured carriers?

Each brand carrier may differ slightly so please refer to individual listings. Most of the soft structured carriers can be used from Newborn if your child is at least 3.5kg – with the use of a Newborn Insert for extra neck, back and body support, also for a little boost to ensure the correct height. Some of our carriers are made in such a way that the infant insert is already integrated into the carrier design, whereas others need to be purchased separately. The usual maximum age/weight for most soft structured carriers is approx.. 20kg (can be up to 18-24 months depending on your child’s weight and length). As their body size and shape changes you can make many adjustments to buckles and straps as required to allow for more room and more comfort for both baby and wearer.

Once your child feels too heavy in the standard baby size carriers, we do offer toddler carriers which provide a larger more comfortable carrier to suit toddlers from approx.. 12kg (around 20 months old) up to around 22-25kg (aged 3-4 yrs). These are great for front carry and back carry also. Great for keeping toddlers safe, bushwalk adventures, shopping trips etc.

What are the best baby carrier brands in Australia?

At Nest 2 Me we stock many of the best brands in baby carriers in Australia, sourced from high quality international manufacturers and distributors in Germany, Poland, United States, Portugal, Russia, China, France. Our best baby carrier brands in Australia include: Tula, Lillebaby, Boba, Beco, Manduca, Je Porte Mon Bebe, Hugabub, Diva Milano. We stock a range of stretchy wraps, woven wraps, ring slings, soft structured carriers, mei tais, cool mesh carriers and accessories to match!
If there is a product or brand we don’t stock that you’d love to see, be sure to email us with your suggestion! We may just get it in soon!

When can I stop using newborn infant insert?

The use of newborn infant insert should not begin until your baby is at least 3.5kg and high enough to keep airways clear when in use. It is recommended to continue with the use of the insert until your baby is at least 7kg and with strong independent control of neck, back and head. Until this point in time, the full insert cushion and sides are vital in supporting your child. As they grow, the outside shell of the insert can be removed and just the insert cushion used as a booster for the baby in the carrier. Your baby should start as a newborn with legs positioned in a ‘froggy position’ with knees higher slightly than the bottom and feet resting either just on top of the waistband of the carrier, or just outside if it is natural for them to do so. Never force their legs and hips to extend out or squash up. As they grow their legs will hang comfortably over the leg padding and eventually be able to use the carrier without the cushion when their legs fit over the padding with knees fully visible and able to bend and swing freely. If they cannot do this yet, the use of the cushion may be required for just a little longer so their little legs and joints are not over-extended.

Can I use an infant insert in the toddler carrier, so I don’t have to buy two sizes?

NO, the infant inserts are only designed to be used with the standard baby sized carriers. The panel on the toddler carriers are far too big and the newborn insert would not fit nor make the toddler size carrier fit a newborn baby. The infant insert is designed to support neck and back of new babies and older babies until they are big enough to fit a standard size carrier on their own, long enough to have head positioning above the top panel by themselves, as well as legs in an ergonomic ‘M’ position without the insert, whereby both of their legs are able to swing freely and comfortably with fabric at least knee to knee, without knees being hidden or any fabric scrunching to reach. This is usually from newborn (3kg+) up until when the baby reaches between 6-10 months but possibly sooner depending on the height, weight (7.5kg), physique and length of legs of each individual baby. Some babies may reach this weight sooner, but still require the insert for some time due to leg length and for added neck and spinal support. As they grow, the transitioning step can be to un-velcro the back panel of the insert and just use the cushion underneath to give a little height boost, until they outgrow this also.

What are other Newborn babywearing options?

Some excellent babywearing options for newborns include the use of stretchy wraps, woven wraps and ring slings, in addition to soft structured carriers (only if using a newborn insert or the carrier you are using is specifically made to be suited to a newborn. Wraps and ring slings do not require any additional newborn inserts. Please be aware though, that you should consult your doctor prior to wearing a premmie baby. Generally stretchy wraps are a great opton up to around 4-6 months depending on your child’s size and weight.  Woven wraps are also great options. Both require a little practise at first but once you have your favourite wrap technique (youtube is very handy for this with hundreds of options!) it will come second nature to you. It is not recommended to back carry a newborn. It is also not recommended to back carry a young baby unless you are an experienced babywearer and your baby has good neck and back control. Ring Slings can be a good quick option for young babies. Be careful not to wear your baby in an unsafe position where they are lying across with chin bent down, but instead are held firmly and in an upward position. Please see our images and videos under the information pages from the menu above.

How do you know your baby fits well in the carrier and is in a safe position?

A few simple things to remember to check are:
Is your baby close enough and high enough to kiss on their forehead?
Is your baby wrapped or adjusted in close and firm enough (but not too tight that their circulation is affected or they are screaming with a buckle imprint!)?

Is your baby’s airways in full view for you to keep check that they are clear (i.e. no draping clothes around them, space to breathe, head position keeps airways open)?

Are your baby’s legs able to move freely and their ‘seat’ deep enough to allow for natural curve of the spine (not straight like a board) with knees slightly higher than their bottom?

Do the buckle and strap adjustments feel right? Are they even both sides? Sometimes having them too loose or too tight can distribute weight of the child unevenly on our shoulders, back or hips, so keep making little adjustments until it feels right for you and bub.

There is a loose gap between my baby and the back panel…what are the PFA Buckles/Straps and why are they so useful?

In the TULA brand carrier and some others there are buckles called ‘Perfect Fit Adjusters’ (PFA). These are useful when your newborn baby is very small and needs the panel to come in closer towards your chest to ensure there is no large gap. It is very important at that age to ensure the fit is close and secure, supporting the neck, back and body when they cannot hold up their own weight themselves yet.

Why is my back strap right up around my neck ‘choking’ me?

The position the carriers usually come from the manufacturer as, have the strap positioned up high from when they were produced. The strap can be slid down or up to your comfort and also lengthened/loosened or shortened/tightened to suit the wearer. Most wearers find it most comfortable to have the back strap (when in front carry) down at should blade height or a little lower in the middle of the back. When wearing baby in back carry, this strap is a chest strap and can be worn over top of the breast, on the breast or under depending on where is most comfortable. It is best to have a play and trial different positions until you find the most comfortable adjustments to suit you.

How do I fold up my baby carrier neatly to store?

Carriers can be folded up very neatly and in a space efficient way by folding the sides into the centre, then the bottom half up over to the top then clipping together the two straps with the buckle so that the whole carrier is under the straps and being held in together by the straps (as they are folded when they arrive new to you after purchase. Carrier storage bags are also available for sale under our babywearing accessories section of the store to keep them in, keeping them tidy, clean and easy to transport in the car, hang at home etc..

How do I wash my baby carrier?

Most brands recommend washing their carrier only as required and if not necessary to wash the entire carrier each time, spot cleaning by hand is preferable. For machine washing, it is recommended that gentle, eco or natural laundry liquid is used and that optical brighteners and whiteners are NOT used as this can be known to cause fading. It is also recommended that the carrier buckles are all clipped up and the carrier is placed into a pillow case to be washed on 'Gentle' or 'Delicate' cycle. Hang to line dry immediately and prolonged exposure to direct Sun is not recommended, to avoid fading. If lint attaches to your carrier, simply use a 'Lint Roller' or similar to remove.