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Lillebaby Carriers Australia

Frequently Asked Questions about lillebaby Carriers:

The LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carriers combines 6 varied carrying positions to adjust to the age and season of your child.   lillebaby offers an excellent ergonomic carrying solution with versatile design that caters and adjusts for each age and stage for your baby – offering no gap in the positioning offered in the baby wearing years.  With fantastic reviews internationally it is great that lillebaby carriers are now available in Australia.
Available in 4 different models:


1. lillebaby Original COMPLETE, 6 position carrier – this is a classic 100% comfort cotton carrier in a range of great colours.

2. lillebaby Airflow (3D Mesh)COMPLETE 6 position carrier –  this model is desgined for lightness and maximum ventilation- this is ideal for the warmer months and climate of Australia. Dress baby to suit the weather wehn cooler and then Cool comfort all year around.

3. lillebaby All Seasons COMPLETE 6 position carrier -(with the zippered temperature control panel) is a great carrier for our varied Australian climate. Zip up for warmth and zip down to reveal the 3D  Mesh for ventilationa and cooling.

4. lillebaby  CarryOn Air – Toddler Carrier  3 positional carrier -Front, Hip and Back Carrier – 3D Mesh comfort with a wider and taller torso support ideal for carrying a toddler for front and back carry positions.

Do I need a separate Infant Insert with my lillebaby?

No the lillebaby Complete models all coms with an adjustable seat which enables it to be adjusted to suit to carry your newborn .

What is the weight limit for the lillebaby carriers?

Lillebaby COMPLETE carriers are ideal to use from newborn right up to 20kg.

Can I carry my baby in the outward facing position?

Yes lillebaby COMPLETE  carriers offer a forward facing position  (from 6 months plus)

(Please note the Toddler Carrier does not offer Forward Facing.)

We recommend to View the Videos on our website for a clear demonstration of the adjustment to suit the age and stage of your baby.

Will a lillebaby carrier  fit a mum or dad with a larger frame?

Yes – the lillebaby carriers have an adjustable waist band that enables them to be ideal from the petite frame to the larger framed parent. The lillebaby waist band will fit up to size 18 womens (Aus) . For size 20 plus – the waist band extension is an ideal comfort solution extending the width of the waist band as needed. Another great lillebaby comfort solution.  View our Waist band extension product info for further details.

Special Features of the lillebaby carriers. 

The lillebaby COMPLETE carriers offer so many features for comfort and support. With the option for cross over straps and the brilliant adjustable lumbar support – offering maximum comfort for the carrying parent

  1. SIX ERGONOMIC CARRYING POSITIONS– Includes every carrying positon without the need for an infant insert: Front-fetal, Front-infant, Front-outward, Front- toddler, Hip and Back carry. The COMPLETE grows with yourchild through all the baby wearing years, from 7 lbs to 45 lbs. The patented cupped seat adjusts to keep baby ergonomically seated in all six carry positions through every development stage.
  2. 2. LUMBAR SUPPORT – Increases comfort, maintains healthy posture and alignment, and prevents lower back strain. Combined with an extra sturdy waist belt to maximize parent’s comfort.
  3. 3. TWO-WAY STRAP POSITIONS – Enable wearer to carry “backpack style” or with straps crossed in the back. Dual adjustment buckles simplify breastfeeding and adjusting straps on the go.
  4. 4. SLEEPING HOOD– Features dual adjustment points to provide tailored support for baby’s head while sleeping, sun protection while exploring, and privacy while nursing. Removable.
  5. 5. EXTRA TALL, EXTENDABLE TORSO – So comfortable your baby will fall asleep. Provides extra neck and back support and keeps taller babies secure in the carrier. The adjustable width gently cradles baby’s head. Elastic straps provide support while allowing for movement and easy adjustment
  6. .6. POCKETS  – Large zippered storage pocket, plus easy-reach pocket for
    storing hood and essentials.
  7. 7. WIDE, PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS & WAIST BELT – Evenly distribute baby’s weight for maximized comfort.

    Ideal for cozy closeness with your newborn, this position mimics how baby was positioned in the womb with arms and legs pulled up in front of the body.

    Comfortably carry your baby during the “baby wearing gap” months (when wide-seat carriers don’t fit). The cupped adjustable seat facilitates a natural frog-leg position.

    Ideal when baby is ready to sit with legs around parents waist. Age for starting varies greatly depending on baby’s size and wearer’s size.

    This position allows baby’s weight to rest on your strong hip, with less pressure on your lower back.

    Our unique solution allows you to place baby on your back without assistance through an easy rotation technique: should straps remain in a closed loop during the process.

    By six months, baby has doubled in weight, is strong and ready to learn. She/he turns towards sound, lights and also has the ability to turn away or “tune out”.

    Carrying your baby on your hip.

    Sleeping hood instructions.

    Learn how to use the Lumbar Support when carrying baby on your front.