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Woven and Stretchy Wraps Australia

Babywearing with woven wraps and stretchy wraps can provide a very close and caring snuggle. These kinds of carries are particularly well suited for newborns and many woven wraps can be suitable right through to toddlers. Baby Wraps come in a variety of sizes - which is the length (in metres) that the actual fabric spans. Which length you start out with can be dependent on what kinds of 'carries' you would like to do, what your experience level is with baby wrapping, the size and age of your baby/toddler, your own size and shape. Many stretchy wraps come in a set length and are used for a particular short style of wrapping, which with a few practices can become quite easy and quicker each time to set up.

Once in place babywearing with a stretchy wrap, hybrid wrap or woven wrap can be very rewarding, in that they provide the closest snuggles and you can adjust to suit you and your baby freely. It is of great importance when wearing a stretchy wrap, hybrid wrap or woven wrap, that you ensure the fit is snug and firm, high and close enough to kiss your baby's forehead. Ensure baby's neck is well supported and that they are breathing freely with clear airways.

Once securely and safely wrapped, your baby or toddler can be comfortable for quite a while and they feel nurtured just like when they were inside your pregnant belly - close to your heartbeats and breathing. It is a very settling form of babywearing that many maternity hospital wards use readily and recommend for settling your baby, for kangaroo care and bonding with your new baby.

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