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Baby BeeHinds Newborn Petite Insert

These inserts are designed for use in the BBH Petite All-in-II nappies but may also fit other brand nappies nicely too.  If baby has only peed, you have the versatility to simply change the soaker pad, rather than the whole nappy.  Replacing the soaker pad at change time will save you money, save space in the nappy bag and of course, provide baby with freshly cleaned fabric against the skin.   Simply remove the wet soaker pad and replace with a fresh one- it's just like a fresh clean nappy, but costs less!

Baby BeeHinds is 100% Aussie owned company who strive to provide a diverse range of modern cloth nappies to Australian (and international) families. We like to ensure that our products are manufactured in an ethically sound manner each step of the way.


Voted Australia's Best Pocket Nappy this is one of the most versatile cloth nappies you will find!

2017 Best Pocket Nappy - Cloth Nappy Awards 

2017 Favourite Reusable Nappy (Bronze) - My Child Excellence Awards 
2016 Best Pocket Nappy - Cloth Nappy Awards 

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