Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy Booster Insert

Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy Booster Insert

This Bamboo booster is a great way to boost your night nappy for even more absorbency.
This is one of the most requested items. The separate insert makes your ultimate addition to your night nappy routine. The work-horse piece of the Night Nappy this booster is now a dual fitting insert that can be used in either the Night Nappy OR the NEW All-In-Two nappy

Makes night nappy solutions easier over winter with extra boosters to allow for the long drying time. A couple of these extra beauties will speed up your night time options. They can be fired in the dryer on LOW temp as well. 

Either size Night Nappy Insert will also fit into the NEW All-In-Two nappy on the full unsnapped size. This means the All-In-Two can be used for Night as well, with the inbuilt PUL outer, making life really easy. It won't quite be as absorbent as the full night nappy, but a great option for those with medium wetters.  

Features - Stay dry layer to go against the skin. Extra long tails of bamboo fleece so you can adjust the absorbency where you need it. 

To use: Simply snap or lay the insert into the nappy, then fold the longer tails back and position in the wet zones. 

There is limited quantities of these inserts so be quick! 

What to love about Baby BeeHinds:

  • Multi-Award Winning products
  • We only internationally certified fabrics, dyes, fittings meaning you get the best of everything possible for your baby. And our products last. 
  • There are over 25 different colours& prints to choose from so there is something for every little fashionista or matching outfit. 
  • Bamboo, Hemp & Certified Organic cotton is all we use for our absorbent layers. Natural fibres are softer, gentler on sensitive skin. 
  • Washing is super simple!


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