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Bare and Boho - Cloth Training Undies - Habitat Print - Recycled Fabric 2 pack


Training Undies are perfect for your growing toddler or preschooler during this next phase.

No more disposable, plastic, uncomfortable and sticky training pants. Nurture your child in these super soft lined, comfortable organic cotton absorbent undies. Easy on, easy off with stretchy waist and legs just like real undies.

Our reusable and washable training undies, are designed as the next transitional item in your little one's journey to toilet independence.

The undies are designed to offer more protection and absorption than regular children's underwear, without being bulky, and without any of the regular features of a cloth nappy.

The snaps featured on the sides, allow for simple removal if soiling has occurred. This mimics the disposable "pull-up" with the rouged side panels for tearing and removal when dirtied to avoid dragging mess down your little one's legs.

Our toilet training undies include a recycled post-consumer polyester outer, featuring designer prints by Australian artists. The lining is comprised of three layers of absorbent bamboo-cotton fleece.

Available in two sizes - One Size & XL (see sizing details below)

Our training undies feature a flexi wide elastic around the tummy, which sits flat and comfortable against your little one. The side snapping feature, allows you to customise the fit to your child's shape without fear of needing to purchase a new size with each growth spurt.

Includes 2 x Training Undies - 1 in each print shown



Training undies - One Size
Recommended for babies and toddlers 6-12kg

Unsnapped, flat:
38cm length x 28cm width

From middle of waistband to groin - 22cm length

Tightest waist snap: 18cm wide
Loosest waist snap: 21cm wide

Training undies - XL
Recommended for babies and toddlers 12-20kg

Unsnapped, flat:
40cm length x 29cm width

From middle of waistband to groin - 24cm length

Tightest waist snap: 20cm wide
Loosest waist snap: 23cm wide


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