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Bedhead Hat -Arabella Print Legionnaire Back Flap Hat Baby Toddler sizes

Arabella Design - Bedhead Legionnaire hats are so soft and comfortable over the ears and back of the neck making them the perfect baby sun hat that also converts hat-haters into hat-lovers!

The Bedhead Baby Flap Hat is a child’s best introduction to sun safety and can be worn from birth.
NOTE: This hat runs to a smaller and tighter size than normal. We strongly recommend to order the larger size up than what your measurements suggest. (e.g. if you have a 3-6 month old - 42cm, instead order the 6-12 month 47cm as the manufacturing run was slightly smaller than tagged). XXS size would likely suit only very small premmie babies. XS is tagged as 3-6 months but in this batch we recommend only for 0-3 month newborns as small sizing.

‘Arabella’ is a limited-edition design in our 2018 Spring/Summer collection.

A sweet tiny floral print on a cream base featuring pink, blue and green flower, with flecks of yellow and grey. Small enough to pair with other patterns and big enough to have its own impact as the feature of an outfit.

Specifically designed to be worn in prams and baby carriers, the hat sits comfortably over ears while the soft back flap lies flat under baby’s neck when they’re in a pram. Our Heritage Baby Flap Hat is made from a silky-to-touch two-way stretch cotton fabric with stretchy elasticated band on the inside for a comfortable, perfect fit. Along with our anti-flop brim and UPF50+ excellent protection rating, it’s the sun hat that converts hat haters into hat lovers, setting them up for a sun-safe childhood. 

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