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Bedhead Hat -Blue White Stripe Print Bucket Hat Newborn up to 6 yrs+ sizes

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Classic Blue and White Stripes Bedhead Bucket hat is a UPF50+ kids sun hat featuring our unique 'anti-flop' technology ensuring brims won’t flop in front of their eyes!

Made with super-stretchy and lightweight cotton jersey that keeps kids heads cool under the hot Australian conditions with UPF50+ excellent protection.

‘Stripes’ is a limited-edition design in our 2018 Spring/Summer collection

Note: Toddler smaller sizes are slightly different to children's sizes in their panel shape on the head. See image pics to view

One fact you can be sure of - no two heads are the same! ALWAYS measure your child's head before purchasing to ensure getting the accurate size.

Step 1: Distract the child with a toy or food (so they don't try and help you!).

Step 2: Use a measuring tape to take measurement. Otherwise use a ribbon to take the size then use a ruler to find the measurement.

Step 3: Heritage woven fabric cannot stretch quite as much as our Original & Swim jersey fabrics. We suggest purchasing a size larger to allow extra room for growth if wanting a longer length of fit

FOR EXAMPLE: The toddler measures 48cms, you will need the 50cm size - giving plenty of future wear.

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