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Bedhead Wetbag Jaws Shark Print

Wetbag waterproof bag for swimming and nappies

This item by Bedhead Hats, is a parenting essential for swimming lessons, play dates, trips out and about, the beach and more. Just wring out wet swimmers, pop them in Wet Bag and close the zip. It will store them while keeping the dampness away from your car seat, pram or bag. Also useful for storing reusable cloth nappies until you get home to wash. Easy to pull out the items when you get home to wash, then also pop the wetbag into the washing machine at the same time! Quick dry material and waterproof. Available in our range of coordinating Swim hat prints - your little one will be the coolest kid this Summer! Great for little kids and big kids too.


  • Wring out excess water/dampness from wet items
  • Place damp items inside Wet Bag
  • Close Wet Bag zipper to keep items secure
  • Remove damp items from Wet Bag as soon as possible to air dry


  • Leaving damp items in Wet Bag can cause colours to bleed
  • Leaving damp items in Wet Bag overnight will cause musty odour and possibly mould
  • Always remove damp items as soon as possible to air dry​

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