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Boba 4G Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Newborn-20kg - Vail Print

Introducing the NEW Boba Carrier 4G! The 4G Carrier packs a host of remarkable features, including:

  • Suitable for babies from 3kg up to toddlers of 20kg.
  • Comfortably fits parents of heights 150cm – 190cm.
  • Waistband range 25″ – 58″.
  • The new Infant Integrated Insert – an insert that, when snapped together, can allow a newborn to comfortably sit in the fetal-tuck, froggy style. When the baby is older and is able to spread his legs, the insert can be unsnapped to allow the child to sit in a supported M-position. The Infant Integrated Insert can be removed completely when it is no longer required.
  • Comes with removable sleeping hood that snaps diagonally and supports the child’s head when asleep, and provides protection from heat, cold, sun, rain, wind and snow.
  • Removable foot straps (patent pending) ensures baby’s hips, legs and spine and held in a most comfortable and natural frog-like manner, legs apart, knees bent.
  • Comes with a hood pocket and a smartphone pocket at the waistband.
  • Ergonomic waistbelt, designed with foam to ensure maximum support and comfort for the carrying adult.
  • Sliding chest straps allows for easier adjustability between different carrying adults, and enables the user to be able to comfortably babywear, without the need for any assistance or help with buckles from others.
  • Uniquely designed shoulder straps, to allow the ease of carrying a purse or a diaper bag.
  • Safety first – baby is always secure with a military-grade buckle used in the waist belt. No poking poles or metal parts.
  • Elastic bands neatly fold in straps.
  • Supports discreet breastfeeding. Easy feeding adjustments with the breastfeeding buckle.
  • Use as a front or a back carrier, facing in only, to ensure optimal spinal and hip posture and support for child.
  • The Boba Carrier is designed with a high back panel as compared with other similar carriers, to ensure maximum back support for a toddler.
  • One size fits all – completely adjustable, lightweight (carrier weighs less than 1kg), fits adults of all shapes and sizes. Spot clean and machine washable.


  • What our customers are saying about the Boba Carrier 4G:
  • “I just LOVE the improvements to the Boba Carrier. Boba has really outdone themselves and have brought the Soft-Structured Carrier (SSC) design to a new level” – Kylie C.
  • “I’ve had the privilege of testing out the new 4G Carrier with my newborn. The Integrated Infant Insert was so easy to use, doesn’t shift or move so it is not clumsy. It was great being able to hold my little one so close to me, and know that I am giving her the best in terms of her spinal development.” – Evelyn T.

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