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Bombshell Band - Flattering Waistband Padded Addition for Carriers - 3 sizes available

Micro - 21.5cm long, 11.5cm wide
Mini/Regular - 35cm long, 11.5cm wide
Regular/Large - 57cm long, 11.5cm wide

*NEW* Extra Width Custom Nest 2 Me Bands Also Available Exclusively.
*We have had these ones made especially for our customers to try out. Offers wider coverage around the tummy area than the normal width ones.

Mini/Regular - 35 cm long - wider than normal 15cm wide

Regular/Large - 57 cm long - wider than normal 15cm wide

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The perfect addition to your soft structured carrier, this band is simply wondering for both comfort AND helping camouflage and flatten that uncomfortable 'muffin top' look when using in back carry. Attach under the webbing waist strap simply by feeding the straps through the loops on the band to smooth the tummy area. Made with lightweight thin foam, this band is comfortable even in summer. Size Available: micro (to suit approx. AU size 6-8) mini (to suit approx. AU size 10-14) or regular (size AU 16 UP TO 18+). Select WHICH SIZE of the three sizes. We recommend trying on your carrier with waistband adjusted comfortably, then measuring across the distance between the fabric panel end of both sides around your tummy while wearing to determine which length will suit you best. (See picture for where and how it is worn)

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