Brolly Sheets Cot Pad with Wings - Space Galaxy

Baby Nursery Essentials

Add extra absorbency and protection to the cot or bassinet

Waterproof and easy to fit and remove

Save your sleep, by adding this extra protective barrier to draw away the moisture through the night if your baby's nappy leaks, to prevent them waking in discomfort and you needing to change the whole bed linen in the middle of the night.

“Handiest pad in the house …. Use to protect bassinets and cots from spilly babies or leaky nappies. Can also be used as a change mat, the list is endless!”.

These are for a cot or bassinet sized mattress. Too small for a toddler in a cot bed. Please use a single Brolly Sheet instead & tuck under for this purpose.

  • Quick & Easy to change
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Super Absorbent
  • Machine washable
  • NO PVC & NO Vinyl


Simple & easy to use …

Just place your Brolly Sheet Waterproof Cot Pad with wings on top of the bassinet or cot mattress, tuck the flaps in under the mattress to keep it secured and in place.

This provides an excellent layer of protection to keep the bottom sheet, mattress pad &/or mattress dry. It can then easily be removed to launder & replaced with a clean one!

Please wash prior to use as this will soften the fabric and increase the absorbency!

“PLEASE TAKE SPECIAL NOTE … We at Brolly Sheets ALWAYS support safe sleeping practices! We highly recommend these are used for young babies that are unable to roll or change sleeping positions!”

“Brolly Sheets, helping to keep beds both SAFE & DRY!”

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