Laundry Dryer Balls 4 pack over 1500 washes

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Household Essential - Reduce your dry time by 30-50%

4 Dryer balls per pack

Save Money. Reduce your dryer time.

Made of Pure NZ Wool

  • Hand felted in Kathmandu
  • Super Absorbent
  • No more fabric softeners
  • Long lasting over 1500 washes
  • Eco-Friendly
You won’t believe how much quicker your loads of laundry dry. These densely felted dryer balls are made of pure New Zealand wool.

When placed in the dryer with wet laundry the dryer balls move between the folds breaking up clumps of wet clothes so the hot air can circulate and dry the clothes more efficiently & therefore significantly faster. Mothers washing cloth diapers find these invaluable!

Dryer balls are hypoallergenic, chemical free and naturally soften clothes! The wool absorbs moisture coming off the clothes & reduces dry time by 30-50%. You will no longer need fabric softeners or chemical filled dryer sheets. You will also notice your clothes will be soft and static free! Dryer balls are a real “must have” item to save you loads of time & money. They will last for over 1500 washes!

“HOT TIP … Go chemical free and add a few drops of essential oil to your dryer balls to give your laundry a natural fragrance with beautiful aroma-therapeutic benefits … lavender, rose & tea tree are our favourites!”

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