Emondo Kids Bamboo Plate - Rainbow

Rainbow Bamboo Plate

Eat the colours of the rainbow! Our uniquely designed Rainbow plate made from FDA approved 100% sustainable Bamboo and food grade materials, features three individual compartments allowing parents to portion their little one’s meals, saving you time, waste and heartache…because kids love to separate their food and make designs.They'll love seeing all the colours of the rainbow fill up this special design plate and will look forward to meal times every day! Encourage healthy eating in a fun way!

Our Rainbow plate comes with a suction function which means it stays where you put it until you move it! Perfect to combat those fussy little eaters that want to create their own rainbow, of mess all over the dining room floor. (**NOTE: cloud egg cups sold separately and fit into rainbow plate)


If at any time during the life of your plate, the suction fails, to umm, suck. Emondo will happily replace* it for FREE! That’s right, if at any time your plate is not working as good as the day you bought it. Let us know and a new suction will be sent to you, no questions asked! For life.

*Please note, each plate will have its own character from the bamboo used and may vary in grain and colour from each other and the one pictured.
*Please read our FAQs for maintenance and care of your plates and bowl.
Made of 100% Moso Bamboo and BPA free silicone, Food safe certified, ethically made.
Approx Size 25 x 20 x 3cm.

You should moisturize your Emondo Kids product on a regular basis. Every 2-3 weeks depending on frequency of use. A little bit of regular TLC will keep your plate or bowl in the best possible condition for years to come.

Simply wipe over or spay on a small amount (5ml Approx.) of fractionated coconut oil (available on our store in Emondo section also separately) over the entire surface of the product, including sides and vertical surfaces, then let sit for for a few hours, preferably overnight. Rinse clean and you’re good to go.

Bamboo is a natural fibre and naturally loses moisture over time. To ensure long term use from your product it is important to retain the moisture within the Bamboo. This not only helps maintain the integrity of the Bamboo, but also helps disinfect the item due to the Fractionated Oils antibacterial qualities.


  • Hand wash before initial use
  • Do not put in the dishwasher
  • Do not put in the Microwave
  • Do not submerge or soak in water
  • Wash with warm soapy water and towel dry immediately
  • Stand upright in a well ventilated area until completely dry
  • Do not dry flat

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