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Epzen Premium Magnesium Bath Crystals - Pure Relax Scented 900g

Pure, natural Magnesium Crystals

STOP. RELAX. RECHARGE. Smells wonderful with relaxing pure natural essential oils of Lavender. No nasties. Perfect for foot soaks, baths, to relax, unwind and for recovery after exercise or stress. Fantastic for sports enthusiasts, the health conscious, yoginis, and anyone else! Use 2 cups in a bathtub, or 1 cup in a foot soak bucket.

Premium, pure, natural Magnesium Crystals. Have undergone a delicate filtration process ensuring no perceptible impurities.

 Note: Avoid if pregnant or hypersensitive. Other unscented options may be more suitable. Contact us to order unscented crystals. External Use Only.


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