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Hodge Podge White Frill Trim Organic Jersey Wrap UPF 25+ - Choice of Colour

Our Frill Blankets are Australian Made and have passed stringent testing to receive organic certification and UPF25 accreditation, providing protection from the sun.  HodgePodge Baby’s single layer ultra soft and stretchy new and innovative breathable jersey wrap range was designed for use all year round!

Cambric Lace Trim

100% Certified Breathable Organic Cotton

110 cm x 75 cm


This gorgeous frill wrap is ideal:

  • As a welcoming blanket for the bassinet / car capsule when bringing baby home from the hospital
  • As a pram blanket - the size is perfect for tucking baby in to keep warm when out and about
  • Swaddling baby for comfort and promotion of sleep
  • Clipping around mum with a Peggles Pram Peg for privacy whilst breastfeeding
  • Attaching to a pram or a baby carrier using Peggles Pram Pegs to assist in baby's protection against the elements whilst out and about

HodgePodge Baby Jersey Wraps use certified organic cotton fibre and are farmed without the use of pesticides, genetically modified seed or synthetic fertilisers.  Baby’s skin is so precious and in our harsh climate, it is important to do what we can to protect our little ones!

Whether you are a working parent, stay-at-home carer, organic lifestyle lover or an indulgent gift-giver, at HodgePodge Baby we help you to discover the little something extra we have infused into ordinary products so you can have a simply better experience. 

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