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Infant Head Support - Blush Wildflowers - Bambella

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The unique shape of our car seat head support insert safely cradles and protectors your child's head perfectly.


  • Number 1 safety essential for new parents
  • Keeps head/neck in a safe position for travel
  • Soft, comfortable and machine washable
  • Wide range of modern print designs
  • Universal fit for capsule, prams & bassinets


Babies heads and necks are so fragile for the first few months of life we have created a product that limits movement and cushions against bumps and jolts.


44cm long x 23cm wide x 5cm thick (thickness refers to the padded surround only)


They can be used in a car seat, infant capsule, pram, pram bassinet or even take it with you when flying for those bumpy landings. They are a truly universal fit and attach securely with velcro. Our design is also quite long so extends down your baby’s back for extra support and also to give you a bit of protection against nasty nappy explosions while your baby is still tiny.


Our infant head supports can be used along with our capsule inserts, car seat protectors and pram liners so why not buy the whole matching set.




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