Je Porte Mon Bebe Original Wrap - Turquoise/Light Grey

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Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) is a French company and babywearing school, dedicated to bring the love and joy of babywearing to every parent and caregiver in the world, just as the company name suggests: Je Porte Mon Bebe - I Carry My Baby.

The JPMBB Original Wrap is a wrap like no other. Made with 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, this wrap is 5 metres long and 70cm wide. It is soft, breathable, stretches but it is dense at the same time. Made with natural dyes, this wrap contains no harmful chemicals and is perfectly safe for wearing your newborn, as well as premature babies, up till 14kg.


What is unique to the JPMBB Original Wrap is the special weave that it is made with. Unlike other stretchy wraps on the market, which only stretches horizontally and vertically, the JPMBB wrap stretches horizontally, vertically, AND diagonally. This classifies the JPMBB Original Wrap, not just as a stretchy wrap, but as a hybrid wrap. The JPMBB Original Wrap is a hybrid wrap, that is part stretchy wrap, and part woven wrap. Unlike regular stretchy wraps that can only be used as a front chest carry, the density of the wrap allows you to use the JPMBB wrap on a front carry, back carry, a well as a hip carry.

A woven wrap will allow you to carry your baby on multiple carrying positions, but because there is no stretch to the woven wrap, it often takes much practice and experience to be able to wrap your baby securely. The JPMBB Original Wrap takes the guesswork out of tying, and allows an amateur babywearer to learn how to wrap safely, and easily. This unique hybrid feature of the JPMBB Original Wrap, will also allow you to have a longer useful lifetime for your wrap, as compared to regular stretchy wraps, which sags easily as the child grows heavier.

The JPMBB Original Wrap also comes with an in-built pocket, for the ease of carrying small items such as cards and keys. If you are petite, the wrap can be cut to suit you, without the need for hemming. Machine washable.

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