Kokadi Water Wrap Carrier Aquarell Limited Edition 'Aslan' Tiger Tai Tai

KOKADI Baby Water Aqua Carrier

Aquarell Kollektion Aslan Tai Tai

The colours of the sea combined with the expressive power of the lion - this is our "baby carrier Aqua Collection Aslan". The strong blue and turquoise radiate together with you and your baby on a warm summer day. The lion with the gentle look lays securely and protectively around your baby and gives them security in all situations - at the beach, by the lake, in the shower or in the outdoor pool.

Strong as a lion - with the baby carrier watercolour collection 'Aslan'

Our baby carrier aqua offers you and your baby an UV protection of 20. Furthermore it dries fast with a composition of 82% polyester, 8% polyamide, 10% elastane particularly. For this the conquering of the cooling wet makes particularly much fun. Please remember, however, that our aqua baby carriers are not swimming aids!

No matter whether you’re using every day in the shower, planning your next beach vacation or you want to visit the swimming-pool. With our "KOKADI baby carrier Aqua " you are equipped very well for the next bath adventure with your baby. Our wonderful wonderland tree in combination with the strong colours of the rainbow is simply the perfect summer accessory. Kokadi Water carriers are also perfect for daily use having a shower safely without slipping - with your baby close, and you hands free.

Due to the material composition of 82% polyester, 8% polyamide and 10% elastane our water carrier not only dries especially fast, but also offers you and your baby, an UV protection of 20. Thus you can conquer the beach together, take vastly walks by the sea and enjoy the time by and in the water. However, please, remember that our water baby carriers are not for swimming in!

  • All KOKADI baby carriers are ergonomically designed and therefore, very comfortable for mother and baby
  • Our Aqua baby carriers are perfect for vactation at the beach, because you can wear them in the water
  • They can be putted on quick and easy
  • Thanks to the material composition, it's quick-drying as you are used to it from your swimsuit
  • The straps on the shoulder and at the waist of the Aqua TaiTia can be closed via knots. The Aqua RingSling is putted on as the normal RingSling and can be closed with two rings
  • The Aqua TaiTai and the Aqua RingSling is developed for a weight load of up to 15 kg

 Care Instructions

The right pampering care for long-lasting brilliant colors:

  • Handwash Only and line dry promptly out of full sun (not for extended long periods of time - just until dry)

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