Bumble and Oshie - Lace Wrap Baby Blanket - Carnation Cluster

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Our wraps are delicious handmade luxury. They are made from very soft 100% cotton with an up to 10cm wide stunning 100% cotton lace trim. Handmade in Australia by Bumble and Oshie with our superior Triple Stitched System that is like no other.

A beautiful addition to your nursery that will be treasured forever. The uses are as endless as your imagination - an eye-catching baby wrap, a beautiful privacy cover for the capsule or pram, a discreet breastfeeding cover, a play mat when you're at the park, or as a stunning photography prop.

Size: over 100cm x 100cm 
The Carnation Cluster Wrap features cutters of carnations in pinks, purples and leaves of green against a fresh white background. It is complemented by our Battenberg lace trim.



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