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Lillebaby Toddler Foot Stirrups - Black

The lillebaby Foot Stirrups (Black ) 

These clever foot supports are attached to the hip belt and provide little feet a place to rest – offering further support and carry comfort for adult and child.

  • These foot stirrups are easy to attach and adjustable in length and width.
  • They support your  child in a more symmetrical sitting position reduces the pressure off the baby’s sacrum.
  • Your baby’s weight is more evenly distributed between your shoulders and your hips and makes it even more comfortable to carry for longer periods of time.
  •  The stirrups prevent older babies from accidentally kicking you while walking or swinging their feet suddenly which can affect your center of gravity.
  • Infants and bigger kids all love the additional security and feedback that they receive through their supported feet and legs.

 Experience the Lillebaby comfort.

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