Mesmerised Book for Baby - Face Board Book

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Suitable 0-12 months and beyond.
Following on from the success of the Mesmerised board book, Katey Love has created a new book for newborns, this time introducing colour. Newborn babies LOVE black and white, but at 2-4 months of age they start to recognise bright colours and eventually lighter colours and tones. This book enables you to progress through the pages as baby's eyesight develops. Parents will watch with delight as their baby's favourite page changes from month to month. The smiling faces on each page will also provide comfort and familiarity to baby as she tries to make sense of her brand new world. Each face has been carefully designed in a simple manner to make it easy for baby to recognise the basic features of the face, and to incorporate shapes and patterns that will stimulate baby's vision.
Board book, 15x15cm. Printed on paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

RRP: $15.95

Katey Love, Australian designer, specialises in black and white books and products designed specifically for babies from newborn until 9 months of age. At birth a baby’s eyesight is quite poor; black and white images with sharp outlines are much easier for baby to see in these first few months of life when it is hard for them to focus, and hard for them to differentiate colour.Mesmerised designs are optimised for baby - we make sure that each design is the sharpest and clearest it can be for baby, with no unnecessary detail. At the same time we ensure that the designs are fun, friendly and appealing to both baby and parent.

Use of the Mesmerised products will not only nurture visual development, but will also provide a wonderful way for parents to interact with their new baby. Parents will be amazed at how their little one engages and focuses on the ‘Mesmerised’ board book from the day they are born.Katey was inspired to design a black and white book of her own when she noticed how captivated her first baby was with black and white images. She now has 2 board books and a flashcard set in the Mesmerised range. Mesmerised products are Australian-designed, environmentally sensitive, and baby-safe.

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