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Econaps Mixed Bamboo Booster Kit

Econaps Bamboo Booster Kit


The perfect kit to help you get started on your eco journey!

Or add to your collection to help create the perfect absorbency for you little ones bottoms as they grow and their needs change.

Your Mixed Bamboo Booster Kit Includes:

Made from soft bamboo and organic cotton, our bamboo boosters are naturally thirsty to offer that extra layer of protection for bubs. The sleek design fits seamlessly with your Econaps modern cloth nappies without adding extra bulk. It’s a little booster that holds a lot! They help make each wear last longer and are particularly useful if you have a heavy wetter or want to make it through the night with one less nappy change. Are you in?

Mixed bamboo booster kit features:

  • 4x hourglass bamboo boosters and 2x tri-fold night boosters.
  • Made from highly absorbent, earth-friendly bamboo & organic cotton fleece.
  • Machine washable.
  • Designed to fit all Econaps cloth nappies and most other one-size, all-in-2, and pocket cloth nappies.
  • Come packaged in a gorgeous natural cotton bag.

How to use:

Simply layer the bamboo booster under your existing cloth nappy combination and fit to bubs as usual. Hello instant absorbency power-up!

Trying cloth nappy boosters for the first time? Give our 2 pack a try to find out how great they are for yourself.

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