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Pastel Watercolour Paint Set of 6

Pastel Colours - Toddler safe Watercolour Paints 18 months+

Non-toxic colour blocks that never dry out! This long-lasting poster paint set is ideal for teaching children about colours. Paint bright and vibrant pictures with strong bright colours, just wet your brush and start painting! There is no spillage and no waste with these safe, washable watercolour blocks, which makes them perfect for younger children. Set of 6 watercolours, in a sturdy palette with plastic lid for easy storage.

Our primary concern is for the safety of children. All our products have been designed and tested to be easily and safely used in pre-schools, kinders, primary and secondary schools.

As a matter of policy all our products are tested for compliance with Australian toy and, where appropriate, European toy safety standards.


See safety information in images.



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