Kokadi Heart2Heart Lagoon Baby Wrap Tai 0-1yrs

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KOKADI baby carrier WrapTai

Heart2Heart Lagoon Baby

The KOKADI baby carrier WrapTai is a carrier that wraps around you without any buckles. The shoulder straps, as well as the waist belt, are completely made of wrap fabric. The shoulder straps can be expanded by unfolding, so that baby’s weight is ideally distributed onto the wearer’s shoulder.

KOKADI baby carrier WrapTai

Heart2Heart Lagoon

The kokadi WrapTai combines the best qualities of the woven wrap with the simplicity of a baby carrier.
The straps spread out flat across the wearer’s back and shoulders, so there is plenty of room on the straps and the body panel 
to see our beautiful patterns.
Because the straps spread out flat, they do not create any pressure points, so the WrapTai is perfect for anyone experience back, neck, or shoulder discomfort, or anyone wanting an exceptionally comfortable carrier. The WrapTai can be tightened easily and quickly, in just a few steps, and it is secured with double knots on 
the waist belt and the the shoulder straps. The waist and body panel adjustment is just like our Flip: continuous seat adjustment with internal velcro. The adjustable 
waist band and the soft back panel of the wrap fabric hold the the baby’s body in an anatomically safe and comfortable position.

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