Tula Half Buckle Discover Carrier for Newborn 3.5kg up to Toddler 20kg No Insert Needed

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Discover Tula Half Buckle Hybrid Carrier

Features of the Tula Half Buckle - What makes it different?

Customize your daily snuggles with the Tula Half Buckle Carrier, an Asian inspired hybrid carrier. Get the comfort and ease of our ergonomic buckle carrier with the just-right fit of tie straps similar to a Meh Dai carrier. Still with the ease and simplicity of the waist buckle. Beginning at 3.5kg, and up to 20kg, enjoy multiple ergonomic carry positions with an adaptable panel that adjusts in width and height to fit your baby at any stage without an infant insert. The crossable, padded shoulder ties wrap around you to support you and baby with a snug fit.
Cushioned, crossable shoulder straps are a great added feature.

Elegant tie straps allow for a customized fit that provides optimal neck & shoulder comfort and offers quick and easy adjustments for multiple wearers. The Tula Half Buckle is the only Tula Carrier that features crossable straps that feel soft and supportive against your skin and also the only carrier with tie straps.

Sewn by hand

All Baby Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers are sewn by hand with care in Poland. Our seamstresses take special consideration when choosing the placement of the woven wrap, ensuring a beautiful final product.

Leg padding

Keep baby comfortable with super comfortable leg padding. Soft and cushy for your little one.

Fully Adjustable Panel

Adjusts in three width settings and two height settings to allow for an ergonomic snug position from newborn, infant and early toddlerhood without the need of an infant insert. 

Padded waistband

Wide and padded waistband keeps wearer comfortable for long-time wearing and provides extra lumbar support.

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