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Replacement Design Headband for Ems Baby Earmuffs - Choose colour

Ems Baby Earmuffs - Replacement Headband - Choose Design

All headbands are interchangeable and this listing is for one single headband (earmuffs to go with them are sold separately - shown in images for illustrative purposes only). One headband design comes included with your earmuffs at time of purchase. Additional spare headbands are sold separately in this listing, to cater for swapping over for other children, to mix it up a bit and have fun with other designs/colours and as replacements if lost or damaged over time. See our options to choose from below.

Ems for Kids began in 2007 out of a genuine need. Our owners, both professional musicians, were looking for a hearing protection product for their new baby and couldn’t find anything on the market. They wanted to take their daughter to concerts, venues, and be highly involved in their music-based lives. But they needed to protect her ears, first and foremost. Thus, Ems for Kids was born.

Ems for Kids was founded on the belief that hearing is precious and something to be protected.

Children need to be taught from a young age that their hearing is precious. If this is done well, they will be more likely to protect their hearing as they move into their teenage years.

Noise generated by loud music, loud workplaces and loud recreational equipment accounts for more than a third of all hearing loss. Due to these things, people are losing their hearing at a younger age than they were 30 years ago.

Our passion is creating products that allow families to enjoy vibrant, exciting lives, without being concerned that the environment around them, be it a concert, or a speedway, could be damaging their child’s ears.

We are extremely proud that our products continue to raise awareness of the importance of hearing protection in children. We are take great pride in knowing that many children with Sensory Processing Disorders are now experiencing fireworks, tractors, and speedways for the first time in their life, stress-free.

Ems for Kids products are designed by parents, for parents. Using high-quality materials and colourful eye-catching designs, Ems are perfect for protecting little ears from big noise!

Ems for Kids products are stringently tested to the relevant US and European safety standards, and are certified by the appropriate notifying bodies.

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