Snotty Bulb - Manual Nasal Aspirator

SNOTTY BULB is a useful little device to help clear your baby's nose when they are too young to blow their nose for themselves. Having a blocked or runny nose can disrupt sleep, nursing and bottle-feeding so helping the little ones out is essential. This little tool gives the parent full and continuous control of the suction power for maximum comfort and effectiveness. When using SNOTTY BULB you are in charge of the level of suction required and speed.

The SNOTTY BULB, this trusted basic device provides the traditional way to clear mucus from your baby’s nose! The SNOTTY BULB is gentle to be used from birth to alleviate blocked or runny noses caused by colds or allergies.

Simply squeeze SNOTTY BULB to expel air from it. Gently place the clear nozzle against one of the nostrils of the infant/child and release bulb gradually to draw out excess mucus from the nasal cavity. Once used simply remove the nozzle from the bulb and desinfect.

SNOTTY BULB is registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

* Contraindication to nasal aspiration or use of saline: If your child has undergone treatment or surgery you should ALWAYS consult your ENT specialist prior to attempting to aspirate.

Due to hygiene reasons we can not accept returns of nasal aspirators.

Please choose your purchase carefully as we do not refund or exchange items if you simply change your mind or make the wrong purchase decision.

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