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Subo Food Bottle Benji Blue/Yellow

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Subo Food Bottle is an innovative new product on the baby and preschooler market. Also beneficial for use with those with special needs and the elderly.
As seen on Channel 10's 'Shark Tank', receiving a deal to work with one of the 'Sharks' as an investor in the brand because they loved it so much for their own children!

The Subo Food Bottle is as cool as they come! Take Benji Blue with you everywhere you go to stop those grumbling tummies! Easy to clean pull apart parts, sturdy construction, great for reducing those messes from squeezing and spurting out messes often found in the car, pram, on carpets and around the house from squeezy packs in the hands of young children!

The Subo Food Bottle can be used for mashed or pureed food, healthy smoothies, yoghurt, porridge or even spaghetti! Rather than the child 'squeezing' out, with the Subo they simply hold the food bottle and start sucking on the spout when they are ready for more food. Then when not feeding, the bottle doesn't keep spurting out everywhere in the meantime as it would for other bottles and pouches that are squeezable. It stays firm meaning less mess and wastage!

The Food Bottle holds a maximum of 210ml of food, but can be adjusted to smaller volumes by pushing up the platform before filling.

Save money for your family with this great reusable high quality product that can be used again and again. Make your own healthy food to fill up with or buy in bulk instead of buying the 'one use only' packs from the supermarket with the cost really adding up in your purse as well as for the Environment.

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