Trim Tummy - Post Natal Support Belt

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Belly wraps & compression has existed for centuries in many different countries & cultures. 
Some functions of traditional stomach wrapping used for after giving birth are:
Help reduce the swelling of the uterus
Speed up the shedding of waste blood
Give good posture
Decrease bloating caused by water retention
Help flatten the stomach
Stomach wrapping method was used also to help active & hard working women doing their physical work on the field.  It gives their stomach and back a tremendous support to prevent injuries.

Trim Tummy® stomach & back support was designed in Australia based on those wonderful old traditions & is created especially for modern active women to help them keep their lives in balance not only after child birth but also as a daily support garment.  
Unlike other stomach & back support products that use mostly synthetic material, the fabric used in Trim Tummy® is cotton rich to minimise discomfort or skin reactions & to absorb sweat well.

Trim Tummy®
Help losing weight when combined with nutritious, well balanced diet & exercise
Help ease back pain
Help correct posture
Help ease the bloated feeling in pre menopausal period

Trim Tummy® is a well tailored post natal stomach support belt useful after having a baby (natural & C section).  

Trim Tummy® is made from cotton rich fabric for greater comfort and sweat absorption. The design is simple and effective with easy adjustable straps.

Trim Tummy® provides excellent stomach and back support as it is cut to follow the contours of your body shape. Trim Tummy® encourages good posture whilst breastfeeding. It is designed to reduce healing time, loose post natal weight, being mobile and being active faster.

Trim Tummy recommends selecting 1 to 2 sizes up from your pre-pregnancy size if purchasing while pregnant.
If measuring after giving birth, choose the corresponding size below.
Size to fit current waist:
XS 74cm – 86cm 
S 80cm – 92cm
M 85cm – 100cm
L  90cm – 106cm
XL 95cm - 113cm

Trim Tummy® is designed to be worn as an under garment, therefore only available in the one neutral colour.
Trim Tummy® gives you freedom to stay active while helping your tummy return to shape.

RRP $89.95

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