Wishing Crane Designer Bums Reusable Nappy

Designer Bums Nappy

Eco-friendly, save money and protect the environment by reducing un-biodegradable landfill such as disposable one use nappies. They also have the added benefit of reducing chemical exposure to sensitive baby skin.

Our genuine, original Designer Bums products are exceptional quality made from premium materials that last, so you can use them over and over again. They are a popular slim fit to keep leaks in, with snaps to fit most bubs and toddlers with easy adjustability.

Our popular prints are limited editions and do sell out fast! - unique, hand-illustrated Artist prints from around the World. So you really will be wearing 'Art on Bums'! They are stylish, fun and too cute to cover up!

Manufactured with love, consciously and ethically made.

Designer Bums Art Pop AI2 nappies feature our signature trim-fit and exclusive, limited-edition designer prints. Lined with silky soft vegan Suede Cloth inner-lining which is a one-way fabric, allowing liquid to pass through and be drawn away, keeping baby's skin dry and comfortable. The water-resistant PUL (polyurethane laminate) outer layer keeps moisture from leaking through so you don't need an extra cover.

Designer Bums All-In-Two cloth nappies each come with a super-thirsty tri-layer bamboo insert made from high-quality, natural bamboo/cotton fibres that feature a convenient, rectangular snap-in booster insert, plus a large anchor-shaped insert that can be customised to provide a variety of boosting options. Featuring an additional pocket opening in the back of the nappy, it can be boosted internally as well as laid and snapped on top of the pocket to suit your needs. An additional super- absorbent Trifold insert can be purchased separately to boost for very heavy wetters, longer stretches or to convert for night-time use!

1 x PUL outer shell (soft inside) with coordinating snaps to exclusive designer print
1 x straight absorbent insert snap in

1 x anchor absorbent insert - multi directional and foldable to suit your baby's flow and where they need extra padding most

Please visit the Designer Bums website for detailed care instructions and also refer to your product label before use.

Check out coordinating items in mini wetbags, regular wetbags, nursing pads and extra absorbent inserts*subject to availability


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